Cleansing Balm – my love for cleansing balm have grown since the first experience with it. There is a very faint tea tree scent in this and it removes my make up well. Face does not feel tight after usage.

Cleansing foam – tea tree scent is much stronger in this. It worked very well for the first 2-3 days but after that it’s too much for my face to handle. Although it’s not drying, my skin just cannot take too much acne related products. So, will only reach for this when I have an outbreak.

Toner pad – I like how lazy this product is. 🤣 open, use and throw! But as usual, physical exfoliation don’t work for me. I gained a few pimples after using this pad. But oh wells take it as a detox 🤣 but it I were to based it on the toner only, I do like it. It’s moisturising and preps my face well for the next stepsss. Maybe I should make my own toner pads 😏😏


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