Oh Gosh I fell in love with packaging at first sight! The pink is too pretty~ also, although its a mini set, they did not skimp on the packaging! Toner – it is still a flip cap which make usage very convenient! Cream – comes in a wide enough mouth tub! i have received some products that are packed in tubs that are so tiny and almost impossible to scoop out the product each time👍🏻#effectivepackaging #gotusebrain

Now into the products’ benefit and effectiveness on my face

Hydrating Toner
💧it promises to hydrate your skin and remove impurities. Protects our skin from environment pollutants and improve our skin barrier.
💧Made of natural ingredients
💧As with most hydrating toner, it tends to have the feeling that it sits on the skin instead of being absorbed in. Will need to massage it in.

Boosting Cream ❤️
🧴Promises moisture boost, skin protection and purifying
🧴I love the the cream! It has a gel-is texture, super lightweight, it melts and absorbs in instantly. Provides a great base for makeup. It give a slight glow – so I usually put some tinted sunblock and skip the foundation.
🧴Although it suppose to provide #deephydration, I do find that I have to be a little more generous with this product. But even when I reduce the amount, my skin don’t feel dry just that I prefer the super moist kind of feeling since I don’t put on any make up on weekdays since #WFH it feels like I am applying a leave on mask. Super lightweight but you can feel the hydration.

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