This is one of the most amazing creams I’ve ever used in my life. The packaging is very high-end, mirror-like, and the lid looks gorgeous. I also appreciate that the lid really shuts close and it seems to keep the freshness of the cream inside. It feels like a heavy moisturizer on skin and it applies very smooth all over the face and neck.  The product looks just like a white cream and it doesn’t have any glitters or shimmers in it, but let me tell you that this definitely gives you an instant glow. I prefer using this at night as a moisturizer/sleeping pack and I just wake up with luminous skin. It really has this instant glow effect which lasts upon everyday usage.  I feel like this product works best for dry to normal skin as an everyday moisturizer, and for people who sport oily-combination skin like me, a moisturizer/sleeping pack at night. You can use this sparingly as a highlighter for your cheekbones, as a day-moisturizer, and you can also mix this with your foundation if you feel like your face looks really dull.  I believe that this White Wedding Dream Cream is one of Banila Co’s best-selling products and I gotta tell you, it really delivers what it promises. Use this at night and you’ll definitely wake up with luminous skin.

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