• Banila Co – Purity Therapy •

I believe this is my first skincare with Mugwort as the main ingredient. I got their Treatment Essence and Calming Relief Cream which I’m currently using on my day + night routine. I’m going to review abut their treatment essence in this post.

It comes in a 150ml sturdy plastic bottle with an Olive Green color. The essence itself is a bit viscous with a hint of leaf/grass kind of scent which I really like! Can’t stop sniffing the essence before I apply it to my skin.

Somehow this works wonders on my skin, hydrating enough and didn’t break out my skin. I use this as a toner instead of essence, sometimes I layer this 2 or 3 times if needed.

Currently dealing with my maskne and this helps a lot to reduce those red bumps and redness.

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