I have been trying out this moisturiser for about 2 weeks now and can I just say I REALLY LOVE IT?! Although I have combination skin, this moisturiser is not heavy at all!! The texture is somewhere in between a gel and cream texture and it sinks into the skin very easily! I love that it does not leave behind a sticky feeling and doesn’t make my skin look overly glowy or greasy 😍 It doesn’t have much of a smell and is a rather gentle moisturiser- I applied it on some of my eczema areas and it definitely didn’t trigger or irritate the area 👍🏻 I definitely notice that my skin is softer and healthier after using this!! On a side note this bottle is 150ml- which is a lot bigger than most moisturisers that I see around, definitely worth the money!! It also comes with in a pump bottle which makes it so much more hygienic!!

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