BANILA CO Chom Chom Castella Puff (6ea)


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“Dual puff for perfect skin”

Goof for adherence and coverage all at once


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01. High Adhesion & High Cover Dual Puff

With a soft and smooth surface, both adhesion and coverage are increased!

02. Stretchy and sticky without missing areas

A design that touches even the curved parts in detail

03. Excellent Grip

Convenient use with a grip that fits in one hand

How To Use:

High Cover Puff (1 Side) – Soft Cushion Puff Material

Use for areas that need more coverage due to low absorption of contents

High-Adhesive Puff (5 sides) – Tight Wedge Puff Material

Even the fine wrinkles adhere tightly and evenly adhered

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BANILA CO Chom Chom Castella Puff (6ea)