BANILA CO Prime Primer Setting Fixer Spray


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24-hour lasting makeup fixer that strongly fixes makeup.

Sprays evenly onto the skin, allowing your makeup to stay the way it was put all day long!

It improves makeup fixing by 76% and makeup duration by 95% even after exposure to sweat!

Size: 100ml


What Is It?

24-hour lasting makeup fixer that strongly fixes makeup.

Shows 100% in user satisfaction reviews, 100% satisfaction for maintenance, 100% for adherence, 100% for spraying power.

With a strong makeup fixing effect of the fine fixing polymer, it fits thinly to the skin and keeps the makeup on without smudging.

Create beautiful skin without clumping due to its excellent adhesion, and it shows a 76% improvement in clumping.

With the sweat-proof effect that eliminates makeup concerns due to rising temperatures, it shows that 95% of the makeup stays in place even after exposure to sweat.

Unlike the bad odor of typical makeup fixers, this has a lingering scent with a satisfying finish.

Suitable for those who have easily smudging color makeup, base makeup that collapses quickly, those who want to maintain their makeup for a long time, and those whose makeup collapses and fades due to sweat in the hot summer season.


  • Sweat-proof effect to keep the perfect makeup
  • Keeps makeup lasts by 95% after sweat exposure
  • Long-lasting makeup for 24 hours
  • Pleasant finish with floral musk scent unlike other makeup setting sprays
  • Moisturizing and coating effect at once! Contains hyaluronic acid and panthenol effective for hydrating the skin for a moist finish.

After applying makeup, shake the product well and spray it on the face 2-3 times at a 20-25cm distance. Absorbs it to sit on the skin. 
– Shake the product well before use 

– Do not dab your face after spraying, let the fixer absorb into the skin and wait until it dries to give a stronger lock.

– The fixing ingredients may bock the nozzle. If so, clean the nozzle with a wet tissue.

PorePare TM ; Panthenol; Sodium hyaluronate.

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BANILA CO Prime Primer Setting Fixer Spray