Beatrice’s Review on Clean It Zero and Dear Hydration Lines

These game-changing products have transformed @‌kookisssss’ skin, and we can’t wait for YOU to experience the magic too! 💫✨

“My current favourite skincare products has to be from @‌banilaco_sg I first got to know of this brand when I visited Korea this year and the first product I bought was the Clean It Zero cleansing balm. I regret not buying a few more of their products back to SG with me. Thankfully it’s available in SG and here are a few products I recommend! For glass looking skin, exfoliate, tone, and moisturise with this range. Try this with consistency for 2 weeks, you’ll feel the difference. Very gentle and kind on the skin too! 💖“

Here are the featured products:

  1. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original
  2. Clean It Zero Brightening Peeling Gel
  3. Dear Hydration Water Barrier Cream 50ml
  4. Dear Hydration Skin Softening Toner 200ml

Try it for yourself to believe it!

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